how to prepare for your future love story

We are so excited to introduce you to our dating devotional book, “How To Prepare For Your Future Love Story!” We created this book because we so believe that God has a beautiful love story in store for each of us - and that love story begins with Him!

This book will give you space to prepare your heart by helping you to identify and understand how you approach dating & relationships. You’ll dive deeper into the results from the Discover Your Dating Personality Quiz, and understand how your type plays a part in your love story. Then, you’ll walk through 5 specific and tangible ways that you can prepare for your future love story. You’ll have fun as you process through things from your past while you grow towards you future!

What's Included:
+ A full profile on your type and the other 5 types too
+ 5 ways to prepare for your future love story
+ Fun workbook elements (They are so cute! You'll love completing these!) 
+ Lots of pages to journal and take notes
+ Stories and insight from Mac & Kenz 
+ Encouragement and inspiration to start living your best story today

Please note: You are not able to return this item. Please email with any questions or concerns.

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