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Trust us, this isn’t your Mom’s Bible Study! For The Girl is your home base to help you grow in your faith, activate your God given purpose, and encounter Jesus in your everyday! We provide fun, relatable, and challenging resources to help you meet with Jesus and grow deeper in your walk with Him. 

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meet mac!

meet kenz!

Mac is an ex-country singer from a small town in North Carolina. You probably have the wrong impression of her already because she dresses more like Beyonce and you’ll probably never catch her with a guitar in hand. On the real tho, she’s an incredible speaker and leader. She will fire truth at you even when you ain't ready to hear it!! She’s confident, strong willed (8 on the enneagram), and loyal!! Just picture a golden retriever, pit bull mutt and you got Mac!! 

meet Mac!

meet Kenz!

Kenz is everybody's best friend, ultimate hype girl, and prayer warrior. She has perfected the backhanded compliment and always has 3 XL water bottles within arms length. If you ever meet her, be sure to ask her to show you her speed walk (it’s very impressive). Even though she’s not a touchy feely hugger, she always makes sure that everyone in the room feels included and seen. Don’t be surprised by her savvy business skills and her ability to bring the house down with a fire prayer. She’s a textbook 7 on the enneagram and is sure to bring a good time no matter where she goes! 

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Introducing our new study, Move of God! This six week study book is designed to help you to recognize and step into the ways that God is moving all around you. Click below to order yours!

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