join mac & kenz, for unfiltered weekly conversations about all things faith, college, relationships, and well... girls! this podcast is for the girl expectant for her future, for the girl who is ready to grow, and the girl who needs some honest answers. get ready, because this is for you!

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Chloe Grace

"i absolutely love listening to this podcast! i have been a follower since season 1 and i always get excited whenever a new episode is released! this podcast is full of biblical truth and practical ways on how to live our your faith everyday, plus it's tons of fun! i have laughed countless times while listening! i love the authenticity, honestly, creativity, and fun that mac and kenz bring to this podcast! please do yourself a favor and binge-listen to alllllll the episodes!!!"


"i cannot recommend this podcast ENOUGH!!! it seriously changed my life. love how mac and kenz feel like your friends. its so crazy how connected they make you feel!! & their faith is just amazing, but not overbearing. LOVE LOVE LOVE for the girl & would recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their faith and simply learn more :))"

Kianna Ruehl

"this podcast has literally changed EVERYTHING. wishing i had found this podcast, delight ministries & mac & kenz back at the beginning of college, but know that God had me find it JUST when i needed it. and let me just tell you, you need this too ! seriously, this podcast is going to change the way that you view yourself, your life, and most importantly your relationship with our Heavenly Father. such a God-send!"